The Connection of Success with 11th House in Vedic Astrology

The world today is concerned about achieving success in every domain of life. There is a predominant tendency to become successful in all of life’s endeavours such as business, education, jobs, marriage, etc. The eleventh house in astrology is regarded as an auspicious house, which indicates gains, income, award, and recognition. The top astrologers in India reveal that if the planets in this house are favourable, then this auspicious house makes a person happy throughout. The fulfilment of desires also comes under the 11th house.

Image result for horoscope housesAs per the Hora Shastra, if the 11th house of a person is not promising or malefic, the person is doomed to struggle for a long time. The horoscope of a majority of successful people from around the world reflects that they have a strong 11th house. However, the potential of success is assessed by a variety of factors, yogas present, bhavas in the horoscope, and strength of Laganas.

After these are assessed, the factors contributing to the success of the 11th house are analysed:

  1. Placement of 11th Lord:
    The placement of 11th lord in the own house is good for a person. When the 11th lord is exalted, it indicates fructification. Apart from this, in a horoscope, if the placement of 11th lord is in Kendra, it is known to bring fortune.

  2. Planets Connected to the 11th House:
    The concentration of planets is yet another aspect that brings success. If the planets associated with the 11th lord are placed in the 11th house, then the possibility of material success increases.

  3. Navamsha:
    The placement of 11th lord and 11th house from Navamsha are also important factors that decide the success and recognition of a person. Astrology consultant in Delhi suggests that if Navamsa placement of a particular Graha is negative, then the good placement of that Graha in the zodiac chart fail to give a sense of fulfilment of purpose. There will be a vacuum in that particular area of life.
  4. The connection between 11th and 2nd Lord:
    The association of the 2nd house and 11th house reflect the capacity to retain all the money that is earned. If these two houses are connected properly, a person gets enough money.

If the 11th house is malefic, the person may struggle for a lifetime or till the time the house becomes favourable when the position of planets change. However, the ill-effect can be reduced and eradicated to a greater extent by getting guidance from an astrologer. You must get the help of some renowned astrologers who have notable experience in reading the horoscope and suggesting remedies.



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